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My personal sewing challenge for 2019!

I've decided to teach myself the art of traditional embroidery- one new type of stitch everyday (where possible!)

Having made quite a few clothes for myself towards the end of last year I've decided to do some slow sewing and work small by perfecting my hand sewing skills.

I am using this book of embroidery by the Royal school of Needlework as my guide and am planning on working through it starting with 'outline stitches'.

I received this from the RSN after I put in a bid for my school to receive a class project resources pack and was lucky enough to be sent this, along with a wonderful selection of threads, fabrics, frames and more to use in my lessons.

So far on day 5 of 2019 I have tried: stem stitch, split stitch, coral stitch, chain stitch and couching.

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