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The perfect winter neck warming Parkwood Cowl by MIY collection

I made this super cosy cowl a couple of years ago and I have had so much use out of it!

I get lots of compliments when wearing it- people often ask me where it's from!

The sewing pattern is The Parkwood Cowl from Wendy Ward's MIY collection.

and is basically a shaped and lined neck and shoulder warmer that you just pull on over your head.

I found the rather lovely Chanel-esque tweed in Brighton's Ditto fabrics along with a perfectly matching super soft purple sweat -shirting for the lining. The colour of the tweed really appealed to me as I find purple a very wearable winter colour and I couldn't resist the fun pops of neon in the weave. Only half a meter was required so budget - wise it is worth going for a really nice quality fabric.

I like this pattern because:

1. It really keeps the neck/ chest warm without strangling you!

2. You don't have a long flapping scarf to deal with.

3. The garden smartens and adds interest to any plain coat or jacket

4. It's stylish, structured and really different!

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