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Vintage fabric toys

I love collecting bold print fabrics from the 1970s and now have quite a stash! I've recently been using them to make up some quirky toys from a pattern book of the same era.

The Golden Hands series of craft magazines produced a great issue on making childrens toys. Produced in 1973, 'Toy Box: 40 soft toys to sew' was a well used publication in our house when I was little. I realise I owned quite a few of these homemade toys, ranging from a hippo so big you could sit on it, to a rag doll, a chimp and a baby bear that would fit in your pocket!

The patterns are of varying difficulties and each toy has been given a name - here we have Josephine the giraffe and Osimoff the owl! My next one will be a purple corduroy chimp called Charlie.

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